so today at school i had a dean walk up to me and tell me “you need to cover up.” i thought he was talking about the shoulders of my tank top, which are supposed to be three inches, and i told him i wasn’t dress coding. he pointed to the side of the tank top. so my bra was showing a little bit.


you can hardly even see it. but when i move my arms back:


wow holy hell girl you must be posing for a skimpy magazine omg cover that up young lady before all the boys get distracted!!!

so, naturally, i said, “i don’t understand why this is dress-code.” and before he could say anything, i continued, “why is it bad that it’s showing? secret bra, secret boobs. secret secret.” which, as you might guess, made him a little fed up with me at that point.

he told me i could either cover up or go to the dean’s office and ask them if i was dress code of not, but i said, “oh, sure, i’ll go get a sweater from my locker if that’s okay. i just don’t understand why that’s fair when it’s one hundred degrees outside today.” i live in las vegas! and i’m not exaggerating. look.


so i told him i’d go to my locker and get a sweater. but i didn’t have a sweater in my locker, that’s ridiculous. it’s hot. so i hid in the art room and went to school for the rest of the day.

EDIT: i’ve worn this tank top and bra combo plenty of times in the past and i had never received word from any of my teachers or any of the staff until today, the hottest day so far.

it’s a nude bra that you can barely see unless you had been looking. given, i had been the only person sitting in the cafeteria when he told me this, but that doesn’t give you any excuse. a bra is just another piece of clothing and i don’t see how it’s fair that i’m covering everything up while some girls at my school are walking free with see-through shirts that show their entire bra underneath.