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So Much Win.

i forgot to make a post yesterday!! but yesterday i had a WONDERFUL perfect day with my love! (zubatarang) we ran a couple errands and she came back to my house with me. i helped go over her hair with some more blue dye and we watched some of a movie. later on we went to a sushi dinner and got ice cream! then we spent more time together and snuggled a lot.

it was nice. uvu


i hate how people use the word “partner” for gay people like no she’s my girlfriend we’re not fucking doing science projects together thank you bye

I meant Jonestown….I’m dumb, i’m sorry

that’s okay, i gotcha. again, thank you for letting me know.

hayleyfails replied to your post: and they say that race isn’t an issue.

You’re not wrong about anything here. Though I think the reference to Kool-Aid isn’t as racial as you think, as it is a comment usedoften to refer to a cult suicide/homicide in Georgetown…I’m not saying he’s right tho! Just for future reference

thanks! i didn’t know about that.

and they say that race isn’t an issue.


The older I get the more this resonates with me

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