Why are my ootd photos are low quality damnit ヽ(#`Д´)ノ
✩Outfit Rundown
Hat: Taobao
Wig: Taobao
Sweatshirt: Sheinside
Skirt: Ebay
Tights: Ebay
Boots: Aliexpress


Mugimugi in Vanilla-chan
Photo by sgs109, check out her full look here.

(Source: vinebox)


TG: john
TG: tell me I’m pretty

Anonymous asked:
Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this put it into at least 8 peoples asks anonymously who deserve it. if you break the chain nothing bad will happen but it's nice to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside & out. Help spread Anon love.

omg ;v; thank you anon i really appreciate this and i really needed it too

jesus christ i feel like i have nowhere to vent anymore

cant vent on facebook (never could anyway), cant vent on my rp blog, and even sometimes i feel like i cant vent here without someone jumping at me for being “elitist” or having “first world problems” or being “lucky to have what you have” or some shit

i fucking hate this website i’m serious about that